design: Wassing Edelsmeden Markies holds a stone by means of the tension, created by the morphing section cut of the ring. Tom makes Markies in…

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design: Cardillac Face-to-Face subtly integrates the face-profiles of a couple into a wave-like pattern. Actually, this design can incorporate up to six profiles, in case…

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design: Brech Either side of ME~YOU features a text. The relief on top is created by the merging of these two texts. This way every…

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design: UNI10 A diamant ring too posh? Not, this tough unisex rings with uncut diamonds in subtle color nuances.

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design: JFM Werken It requires a careful look to discover letters in these abstract rings. Yet once you see it, you’ll keep seeing it. When…

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design: JFM Werken Two individual rings interwoven into one, just like your lives. The UNI is available in different material combinations and widths varying from…

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design: JFM Werken Wedding bands with a secret message hidden inside. And it is not only the text you can customize….by picking width, materials and…

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