design: Cardillac Face-to-Face subtly integrates the face-profiles of a couple into a wave-like pattern. Actually, this design can incorporate up to six profiles, in case…

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TC Blend

design: Brech We love novelties. Sometimes it is in the concept, but in this case it is in the material: technical ceramics. You might recognize…

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Selfmade man

design: Brech Looking for a graduation present? Or a present for your best man? Look no further, cufflinks Selfmade Man is the ideal present for…

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Selfmade Woman

design: Brech Spherical pendant Selfmade Woman is simple yet sophisticated due to the different finishes. We make them in gold and (black) silver with diameters…

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design: UNI10 A diamant ring too posh? Not, this tough unisex rings with uncut diamonds in subtle color nuances.

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design: UNI10 Twins is a long necklace with playful elements that balance each other. They come with a wide range of elements: discs, sticks, pearls,…

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design: JFM Werken Contra is a steel ring with exchangeable color-stones. The rings comes with 3 synthetic stones, which you can choose from a variety…

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design: JFM Werken It requires a careful look to discover letters in these abstract rings. Yet once you see it, you’ll keep seeing it. When…

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design: JFM Werken Two individual rings interwoven into one, just like your lives. The UNI is available in different material combinations and widths varying from…

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On the Side

design: Manon ter Hogt Golden earrings with a freshwater pearl. Available in two diameters (20 and 38 mm). On demand these earrings can be complimented…

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